Increase revenue on Shopify checkout with upsells

An easy to configure "no brainer". Merchants all over the world of all sizes are boosting their AOV with Checkout Components' upsell components.

Integrating product recommendations into the checkout experience is increasingly recognized as an effective strategy to boost Average Order Value (AOV). Leveraging Checkout Extensibility on the Shopify platform, merchants can carefully pick or automatically display tailored product suggestions to customers during checkout - without editing any code.

Ghanda Clothing checkout
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Shopify AI powered product recommendations

Checkout Components integrates directly with the Shopify Product Recommendations API, powered by AI and machine learning, to provide personalized product recommendations to customers at the checkout. This integration enables merchants to offer upsells and cross-sells to customers based on their shopping behavior, thereby increasing the average order value and overall revenue.

Hand picked product recommendations

In addition to AI-powered product recommendations, Checkout Components also allows merchants to manually select products to display as upsells and cross-sells at the checkout. This feature is particularly useful for merchants who want to promote specific products or collections to customers based on their marketing strategy or inventory needs.

Ghanda Clothing checkout
Ghanda clothings Shopify Plus checkout

Leverage your existing techstack

Checkout Components is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing tech stack. The app integrates with popular search and merchanding tools like searchspring, with Algolia and Nosto integrations expected in the near future.

Results that speak for themselves

Merchants using Checkout Components' upsells have seen on average an increase in cart value of 10-15% for orders containing upsell line items. With some merchants increasing online revenue by up to 3%.

“The product (Checkout Components) is awesome and is producing nice additional revenue. It's money for nothing.”

Shaun Greenblo Co-Managing Director at Boody

Checkout Components app on Shopify enables merchants to effectively increase their Average Order Value (AOV) by incorporating both AI-driven and manual product recommendations at checkout. Checkout Components is available for all Shopify Plus merchants via the Shopify Appstore.