Personalized recommendations, powered by searchspring

Checkout Components integrates directly with searchspring to power recommendations on upsells on Milligram's Shopify Plus checkout. This allows Milligram to display personalized product recommendations to customers based on their shopping behavior and preferences.

Ghanda Clothing checkout
Upsell Component: AI cart recommendations by searchspring

Banners to alert customers

Milligram uses an image banner component to notify non-member customers about their friends for life program, where they can earn loyalty points for their purchase.

Milligram checkout
Content Component: Image Banner

Conditional Upsells

Milligram has over 10 personalised targeted upsells that are shown to customers based on their cart contents. As Milligram sells stationary, it is often that a particular pen requires a certain ink refill. This is where conditional upsells come in, showing the customer the refill they need for the pen they have in their cart.

Milligram checkout
Upsell Component: Large upsell with conditional logic

Checkout Components is available for all Shopify Plus merchants via the Shopify Appstore.