Personalized recommendations, powered by Shopify Seach & Discovery

Checkout Components integrates directly with Shopify Seach & Discovery AI-powered product recommendations to display recommendations on upsells on Supernotes Shopify Plus checkout. This allows Supernote to display personalized product recommendations to customers based on their shopping behavior and preferences.

Supernote upsells in checkout
Upsell Component - AI cart recommendations by Shopify Search & Discovery

Customer reviews

Supernote uses Checkout Components to display customer reviews on their checkout to build trust with customers and increase conversion rates. This allows them to showcase customer testimonials and reviews to customers at checkout, helping to increase confidence in their products and drive additional revenue.

Supernote reviews in checkout
Content Component - Reviews

High value upsells

Supernote uses Checkout Components to display a single high value upsell on their checkout to drive additional revenue. The product is universal and can be used with many of their other products, making it the perfect product to feature as a standalone upsell on their checkout.

Supernote image banner in checkout
Upsell Component - Hand picked

Checkout Components is available for all Shopify Plus merchants via the Shopify Appstore.